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Last Will and TestamentNo one likes to think about their own mortality, but it is a certainty of life. This is the leading cause why many people put off having their estate documents prepared. Protect your estate for your loved ones and consider having your wills and estate documents prepared by a professional.

Peter Sartore is your wills and estates lawyer and has extensive experience preparing estate documents (wills, power of attorneys and personal directives). Our rates, including package rates, are very reasonable, and reflect Mr. Sartore’s enjoyment working with you to complete these documents and helping you achieve peace of mind.


Everyone should consider having a will if they have any assets or if they have minor/dependent children. Proper estate planning can ensure that your assets go where you want them to go after you pass away, as well as ensure that any minor children that you have left behind are in the custody of the person(s) that you want to raise them.

You will want to consider who you want to handle your estate after you pass away. It should be someone trustworthy and capable of handling your estate or at least able to seek out any required help to complete your estate as it can be a heavy responsibility. Some people find it difficult to decide how to distribute their estate. We can discuss options with you and discuss potential risks of your potential beneficiaries litigating over your estate.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

While most people don’t like to consider planning their estate upon their death, even more never consider the possibility of being unable to communicate their wishes whether by an accident or a disease while still alive. Who will take care of your financial affairs, your personal care and the care of your minor/dependent children? Your will does not perform this function as it does not take effect until you die. Without having the proper estate documents which address this, your loved ones would have to go to court to be given the authority to address these matters (an expensive proposition). It could even cause a dispute among your loved ones. An enduring power of attorney, also known as a living will, can address your financial affairs and the guardianship of your minor/dependent children.

A special power of attorney can give someone temporary authority to deal with your financial affairs, for example, if you are unable to because you are out of the country.

Personal Directive (Living Will or Health Directive)

A Personal Directive leaves your instructions behind for health care professionals to know what type of health care or personal care you wish to receive in the event that you are unable to express your wishes.  Some people have religious reasons – some religions do not allow for blood transfusions.  Some people have personal reasons – perhaps they do not wish to be resuscitated in the event of a cardiac arrest.  Some people do not wish to be kept alive artificially.  Your Personal Directive can address these types of concerns and give family peace of mind in the event that they would be left with such a decision.  There was a famous painful case in Florida where Terry Schiavo was on life support but unable to communicate her wishes.  Her parents wanted her to be kept alive for religious reasons and perhaps in the hope that she would recover.  Her husband wanted her to be left to rest in peace.  Needless to say, there was great pain and hurt caused in the absence of a Personal Directive.

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